Zachary Wayne Keiser

2022-07-08 13:37



Primary Homeroom Teacher, Head of Year

Zachary Wayne Keiser

Zachary Wayne Keiser, 小学全科教师、班主任兼年级组长,来自美国,拥有亚利桑那州州立大学理学学士学位,一直在海外各地任教。他有从幼儿园到高中学生的多个年龄层次的课程教授经验。过去八年,他一直在中国教书,他认为学生的能动性是学习过程的重要组成部分,教师可以作为学习的引导者。在他的课堂上,他强调参与、动手学习的机会,以及成长的心态。

Zachary Wayne Keiser, Primary Homeroom Teacher, Head of Year, from the United States. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Arizona State University.He has experience teaching many age levels ranging from Kindergarten up to high school students in various locations all over the world. The past eight years He has been teaching in China. He personally believes that student agency is an important part of the learning process and teachers can be the guide for this learning. In his class he values participation, hands- on learning opportunities and a growth mindset.